Who we are

SMARTVISIT SRL is an innovative start-up founded on 21/01/2016, which deals with the development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological content. Its mission is to create solutions for the cultural sector (museums, exhibitions, etc.) and entertainment, based on the use of applications for mobile / wearable devices, location techniques (indoor / outdoor), traceability, augmented reality.

SMARTVISIT SRL is registered in the special section of the register of companies of Naples pursuant to art. 25 and ss of the D.L. 18/10/2012 n. 179 converted with changes in Law n. 221 of 17/12/2012, and subsequent amendments and additions.

SMARTVISIT SRL it is a company that aims at innovation in terms of products, services and organization. We develop solutions that integrate the use of localization / proximity sensors following approaches that aim to renew the ways in which cultural heritage and entertainment can be enjoyed. With the aim of offering the visitor applications for mobile devices (smartphones / tablets) with the aim of transforming and innovating the concept of a visit, based on a fruition scheme strongly focused on proactivity and stimulation for further exploration.